Call for Entries | Frames of Life

We’re doing a new call for entries, through which we are further developing our Mad Maddy character. Who could represent Mad Maddy? What kind of person is she? In our imagination she is a resourceful, tech-savvy Urban woman.

For this call, submit photos of people who are good stand-ins for Mad Maddy. You may submit either new work created specifically for this call, or older photos you have in your archive, as long as they fit the guidelines below.

Deadline: July 12, 2015


  • Submit a picture of a person who could represent Mad Maddy.
  • Please submit in landscape format (horizontal orientation).
  • Give us high-resolution photos (best if 1200×800 pixels or higher)
  • See the featured image for an idea for where to center the face of your subject.

Barbara composed a musical portrait of her:

Post your image on our Facebook, or submit to our Tumblr. If you use the hashtag #WhatIfMM, we can categorize your entry more easily. Selected submissions will be featured as a curated online exhibition in our community gallery and may become part of the final art work of the what if? project. The contributors whose entries inspire us most will be interviewed for a feature on

In our Frames of Life series, we already showed you two photographers from our community whose work we admire. Sabina Ulubeanu brings out the life in her subjects. View her featured work here. Lennart Schreiber captures dynamic street scenes, which you can see here. If you like, use Lennart and Sabina’s work as an inspiration.

You can also visit the Facebook event here.

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