02-Frames of Life-Lennart Schreiber

Dear All,

Lennart Schreiber is a self-taught photographer who focuses on street scenes. I was inspired by his curiosity for a wide variety of subjects, and his striving to effectively convey an atmosphere through each and every picture he takes. His images are loaded with atmosphere and energy.

After gifting a friend a book about street photography, Lennart realized that he had subconsciously tended towards capturing street scenes for years.

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber | Paar von hinten

What struck me most about Lennart’s work was the variety of subjects he works with.

“I try to photograph my subjects in such a way as to have the picture tell a story or convey and atmosphere particularly effectively.” It’s an approach that we can all take, something he stressed when talking to me.

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber | WomenSecret

Lennart told me that when he photographs people, he prefers to do it in a natural setting where they are not intentionally posing: “There is so much to discover when one goes through the streets with truly open eyes. That which is ordinarily considered banal fascinates me. I find it worthwhile to pay attention to these moments. This kind of photography sharpens my observational skills.”

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber | Durchsicht

“The greatest difference between photographing inanimate objects and people is the amount of time available during the photographic process,” Lennart told me. “When I photograph street art or objects, I try to convey my own fascination for the subject in my picture.”

Strassenfotografien | Lennart Schreiber |Koepfe

Lennart’s process is informed by discussing with other photographers, exchanging information, and the constant process of keeping on going, taking as many interesting and varied photographs as possible.

All images, including featured image Copyright © Lennart Schreiber and used with his permission.

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