These are links to artists, projects and institutions that we like and that are important to us. Have fun exploring.
Let us know if you can think of interesting links to add, just post your thoughts at the bottom of the page:

Link to our Research Site:

Our YouTube Channel: on YouTube
On this channel we will feature contributions that have been sent to us in reference to the project as well as videos about the actual artwork and the making of. Enjoy exploring.

Barbara Lüneburg
violin-viola | sound art | research
Team leader of the arts project what if?

Social Media:
Clio Montrey
composer | singer | social media
social media strategist at the arts project what if?

digital artist | programmer | internet pioneer
Artwork for the websites of what if?

Creative programming:
Damian Stewart
software programming | audio art
creative programmer of the arts project what if?

FWF-Austrian Science Fund
What if? is supported by the FWF-Austrian Science Funds as PEEK project number AR 259-G21

What if? is located at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz/Austria.

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