Your Contribution

What if? is a platform for voices within (media) art to which you can contribute.

One way to take part is to submit art components to our various calls for entries. Another way is to write a guest blog post.

Anyone can be a potential What if? contributor. We will review all submissions and publish those which meet our editorial criteria. If your idea is good but you are not an experienced writer, you may be contacted to review and edit your submission in order to bring it in line with our standards.

We will need:

Around 300 words of original content (not a press release/blurb about an event, please make it personal)
additional images for the post
material supplied 2 days before publishing date
a short writeup (about a paragraph) about yourself

Please consider:

  • Our main topic is “identity” and how it expressed in the arts.
  • Questions such as “what shapes our identity?” “what does freedom of choice mean in a person’s personal/professional or public life?”
  • Your personal experiences in terms of  cultural or religious upbringing, the influence of the media, your home country’s way of life, gender, family expectations, peer groups, profession, politics, etc.
  • Do you know interesting, different, thought-provoking people who inspire you? Do you consider yourself such a person?


Be yourself, be enthusiastic, be inclusive, and have fun.


Write about what you’re enthused about, the projects that you or others are working on, that you think what if? readers will enjoy. Don’t give us a press release. Tell us why this is of interest to the community, talk to us in your own voice. Tell us a story.

Technical Guidelines:

We use headline case for post headlines (i.e. “All Words Should Be Capped”)
All posts should include at least one image, which you have permission to use in this context, or for which you own all rights. You assume all responsibility for ownership of visual content.
If you send YouTube videos, please send only the video URL, not the iframe info or other embed code.
No links to offsite images; they must all be loaded within your post.
Include a short (two sentence) bio of yourself and an image of yourself.
We are looking forward to your voice on “What if?”

If you are interested in contributing to, please contact Barbara Lüneburg at barbara.lueneburg(at)

Please read our disclaimer pertaining to our terms of submission.

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  1. Mihai

    Hello. I am very impressed to see creative people who are into research. I would like to contribute with something. I am studying composition now but I’d like a lot to make research and I’ve seen some of the team people’s projects and they are amazing. So, how could I contribute?

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