#WhatIfDrone | Creative Submissions

We’ve received very unique and thought provoking entries to our drone remix contest. You can send your own until September 7th by uploading to our Soundcloud submission group. Our participants so far have all taken very different approaches to the concept of a drone.
TC Elliott composed “Dronemares” based on a multitude of what if? sound samples (available for free download under Creative Commons License on our SoundCloud). His soundscape approach is cinematic and evocative.


In contrast to this, Sarah Sherlock based her submission on a single sound sample and built a more melodic structure around “Bubble Speech 02”, combining What if? sound samples with her own synth-and-guitar tapestry.


Our third submission is an intriguing folk-legend-influenced soundscape of sampled fans and laboured breathing, coupled with an unsettling lullaby. Gloria Guns writes, “There is a persistent belief among Koreans that it is dangerous to leave a fan on while you sleep, because it might suffocate you. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, and all I can hear is the evil hum of the fan.”


So get inspired by these submissions and get composing! Once again, a lovely weekend looms, full of auditory possibilities.


Featured image: a composite of Gloria Guns’ and Sarah Sherlock’s cover photos from their remix tracks.

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