01-Frames of Life-Sabina Ulubeanu

Dear All,

Sabina Ulubeanu from Romania, a photographer, composer, festival organizer and mother of two kids is an artist who is extremely talented in capturing what she calls “frames of life”. Life which she “finds” on the street. With her photography she makes this life stand out, so that we, the onlookers, can find it as well.

As an inspiration for your own artwork, I will introduce you to a series of beautiful photos Sabina took in her home country Romania.

What I especially love about these photos are the motives.  Not only are the photos carefully chosen in terms of colour and formal composition, each motive tells us a specific story. Sabina truly captures “frames of life”.

Sabina Ulubeanu photo church goers Romania

A Romanian village church just before mass. Two women wait for other church goers to come. The five chairs reveal that they probably expect only a handful of people. While waiting they chat and enjoy each others company.

Sabina Ulubeanu Romania winter scene

City life. Winter in Bucharest. A beautiful combination of the white, blueish snow and the red coat of the woman who returns to her car from her shopping. We find movement reflected in the traces of the cars and the footsteps.


Woman behind curtain. We just get a glimpse of her. The worn window frame adds its story to the woman’s life.

Sabina Ulubeanu Romania Portrait

Old man in Romanian village. A face that has seen a lot.

If you want to see more from Sabina, click here for Sabina’s photo series “People of Portugal” and here for her personal website.

All images including the featured image courtesy of Sabina Ulubeanu. © Sabina Ulubeanu

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