#GYHAFY | In the Future

For all you What if? community members out there who still don’t know what to submit for #GYHAFY (Give Yourself a Holiday Away From Yourself), I thought my own futuristic answers might spark some inspiration.

Your chosen gender: female

Century of birth: 24th century

Country of birth: Argentina

Best friend(s)/(unusual) pet: A space cat.

What did your parents want you to become? Astronaut. obviously.

What are you really doing now? I’m designing a sub-orbital hydroponics array to increase food production for a newly discovered planet.

What is your day job? Hydroponics designer.

What is your night job? Ukulele player.

Where do you live? I’m stuck on the current suborbital hydroponics array, which is cramped and uncomfortable. Hence my wish to design a new one.

Where would you rather live? In my new array! The red tape to get it approved is taking forever, though.

If you were a plant lover/gardener/botanist – what would your garden/park/meadow/field/balcony/window shelf/… look like?

Hey, I am one! Since I work in hydroponics, my optimal space shelf would contain plants growing in a variety of directions in a variety of gravities, thanks to those nifty little gravity generators they just invented. I’d simulate the gravity of different planets and see how that affected the plants. I guess I’d have a lot of cacti; they’re cute.

What is the weirdest story of your life?

One time I had my space cat Zoom’s fur reprogrammed to look like a regular cat’s fur. So for a week he was a black Earthlike cat rather than a blue space cat. Does that qualify as weird?

I did it to sneak him onto the array. Space cats are illegal in this sector, but Earth cats aren’t. Go figure.

Let me know what annoys you.

Why, why, why would any kind of cat be illegal anywhere?! Someone in the sector government really isn’t a cat person…

Tell me what you love about life/this special day/last week…

Life can really take you anywhere! A few years ago the most exciting thing in my life was adopting Zoom. (Earth people tend to not understand space cats very well, so the shelters fill up really fast. I think part of the problem is their atonal songs, which I rather enjoy. They remind me of Schönberg.)

Anyway, now I’m working on a space station. I love the view of the planet below.

Best encounter ever:

Have you ever met a talking, fortune-telling space plant?

I didn’t think so.

Well, I have.

I can’t tell you what it told me, though. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Favourite text/statement/book/…

I rather enjoy reading the historical artifact known as What if? It was on something called the Internet around 300 years ago. Fascinating reading! You can follow the link here to access it.

Your chosen name is:


You can submit your own #GYHAFY entry as a comment on this post, on our Facebook event, or on Tumblr.

Featured image: “Sky Portal.” Copyright © 2015 Clio Montrey.

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