Call for Entries: #GYHAFY – Give yourself a holiday away from yourself

Take on another gender, another age, another name.


Your chosen gender:

Century of birth:

Country of birth:

Best friend(s)/(unusual) pet:


What did your parents want you to become?

What are you really doing now?

What is your day job?

What is your night job?


Where do you live?

– In a mountain hut/26th floor of a skyscraper/I own my house/I rent a room/I share a flat with (?)/…

– In the countryside/on a lone island/small city/big city/…

Where would you rather live?


If you were a plant lover/gardener/botanist – what would your garden/park/meadow/field/balcony/window shelf/… look like?

You hate plants? Tell me about it.


What is the weirdest story of your life?

No story?

– Let me know what annoys you.

– Tell me what you love about life/this special day/last week…

Best encounter ever:


Favourite text/statement/book/…

Your chosen name is:


On what if?, we are looking for identities. Get creative.
Comment below on your imagined identity.
Join our FB event #GYHAFY.
Or sent us an email with your chosen identity to by the end of the month.

Yours truly,



Featured image: Cropped image of a portrait shot by ©Sabina Ulubeanu, Bukarest. Thank you, Sabina.

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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