#GYHAFY – My Personal Entry

Give Yourself a Holiday Away From Yourself.
Take on another gender, another age, another name.

Your chosen gender:

Can’t decide. Will do both (W=woman, M=man).

Century of birth:

W: I live in the early/mid 20th century. So much is possible for women nowadays. I wear men’s clothes, I’ve learned to fly. People think ‘She is scandalous’, I think ‘I take what I want’.

Barbara Erickson-pioneer female pilot

M: I live in the 1960s. I work in a glazier’s shop. My boss is an ass….
I fancy the girl next-door.
The Army is looking for volunteers. There are posters all around. Yesterday I got my draft notice.

Country of birth:

W: I was born in a colony. My parents were rich. Luckily.
M: I was born in America to an Italian family.

Best friend(s)/(unusual) pet:

W: My best friends studying electromagnetism.
Girls studying electromagnetism

M: My best pal. Dad hates him.

Jimmy Hendrix
What did your parents want you to become?

W: A married woman.

M: They wanted me to take over the shop. We have a food store in Little Italy.

Italian deli © Barbara Lueneburg

What are you really doing now?

W: Travelling.
M: Told you already. I am a glazier.

What is your day job?

W: Being curious.
M: Repairing windowpanes.

What is your night job?

W: Writing my travel diary. I am going to publish a book. Soon.

travel diary
M: Don’t know, help my mum and my dad mostly.

Where do you live?

W: While travelling I am staying with friends or in hotels.
M: With my parents

Where would you rather live?

W: I like it that way.
M: Where else could I live?
If you were a plant lover/gardener/botanist – what would your garden/park/meadow/field/balcony/window shelf/… look like?

W: I can’t have plants. Who should water them?
M: I bought a marigold for Lily next door. Not sure if she liked it.


Your chosen name is:

W: Nancy.
M: Beppe.


What’s your holiday away from yourself?

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Images: various private and public sources.

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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