#WhatIfSoundSamples | BOSSI

Our second profiled community member whose work we have selected to feature is Philipp Boss.

Listen to his contribution for #WhatIfSoundSamples, F#1 0005 Ambient:

Philipp works under the artist name BOSSI and creates wonderful electronic soundscapes. He graduated from the Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany and is applying for a master’s at the same institution. Always keeping busy, Philipp also DJs and runs his own record label/events company focusing on electronic music in Frankfurt.

“I liked the fact that my submission is open for other artists to remix and adapt and I was excited about the other submissions,” Philipp told me. “Furthermore I saw it as a chance to show my experimental compositions to a broader audience.”

Producing and playing different genres of electronic music, Philipp’s record label has a pretty neat name: Einfach Hören (German for “just listen”). His goals with this label are to support the emergence of new and unknown DJs as well as electronic music producers, focusing on Frankfurt’s local techno scene. Listen to some of the label’s live recordings here:

Einfach Hören’s mission is to raise what Philipp terms “aural awareness,” crossing genre borders and bringing new electronic sounds into the spotlight.

Philipp relies heavily on improvisation as the foundation for his compositional process. Because of his work with analog synthesizers and drum machines, he uses these to record long jam sessions and then works with these materials. Field recordings play a part in Philipp’s work as well. His software of choice varies depending on the project, but for his What if? entry, he made a recording with a contact microphone which he then processed with Ableton Live.

Follow Philipp on his BOSSI SoundCloud and Facebook page.

Featured image courtesy of Philipp Boss.

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