#WhatIfSoundSamples | Jan Longerich

In the next few posts on What if?, we’ll be introducing the community members whose work we selected as our favourites for #WhatIfSoundSamples. These creatives work with sound in new and dynamic ways, and we’re really excited to share their work.

Our first profiled community member is Jan Longerich.

Jan works mainly in the field of electronic music. Have a listen to Jan’s sound sample for What if?, “Reversed Kontrabass,” here:

Jan’s alias for live improvised performances is Processed Sunshine, where he works with a completely analog setup made of of a mixer, drum computer, and synthesizer. Listen to the wonderfully groovy playlist “A Planet of Imagination” to get a sense of how he works:

Jan’s main project at the moment is rather ambitious: he’s starting his own record label, which he intends to use as a platform for audiovisual creative work for himself and interested friends who do arresting electronic work. With this in mind, Jan is currently programming a website and organizing a vinyl/digital release that will take place this year.

Jan collaborates with fellow What if? community member Denim on a live performance called Evolutionsklang. He, along with Denim and Ciao Cacao, premiered this project on 28.8.15 as part of a sound installation at the Osthang Projekt Darmstadt. In November Denim and Jan performed at the AudioArtFestival in Kraków, Poland. More exciting projects are planned for 2016.

You can follow Jan on SoundCloud on his personal account and on his Processed Sunshine page.

Featured image courtesy of Jan Longerich.

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