‘Slices of Life’ at Ultraschall Festival

Dear All,

I am working on the multimedia show “Slices of Life” that is be part of the artistic outcome of this project.  “Slices of Life” is a show for violin, electronics and video, based on the contributions and stories of the what if?-community and my own composition.

To give you a taster of what “Slices of Life” is to become I am providing the link to its initial sequence: “The Shirt”. The story describes the unique and funny quest of a person for her own identity. The material for the video the stills and movie clips, stem from the series “e m o ׀ t i ׀ o ׀ n a l” by Katarina Michelitsch, of which you have read about it before in our blog post “Undoing Gender 2”. ( The sequence starts with the story, and Katarina’s images follow from 2:30 on).


I will play this initial sequence in two hours time at the prestigious “Ultraschallfestival” in Berlin/Germany and two days later again at the underground venue “Alte Papierfabrik” in Graz/Austria.

The month of February will be one of composing and I might ask you for more stories from your life that eventually could become part of “Slices of Life”.

All the best,



About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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