Powerful Woman | More Inspiring Submissions

Only three more days left to submit to our Call for Entries | Powerful Woman. (Deadline: July 12.) We have some more submissions to show you.

The featured image was taken by Jeanne Strieder of contemporary recorder player Sylvia Hinz. Together, the pair depicts an image of a powerful woman who plays a very unusual instrument.

We also had a submission from a young student. Ada Sofia Ulubeanu painted a portrait of her mom, Sabina Ulubeanu, whom we featured on the blog for her own photographic work a little while back.

ada sofia ulubeanu

One of our favourite submissions is from Leah Morena Layden:
“This picture was taken at Wells Grey Park, B.C., Canada, about 5 years ago. We go there to snow shoe and get away from humanity. I was embracing the skies and thanking the universe for such beauty. It is necessary for me to take time out of life to breathe fresh air and rediscover the greatness of our world.”

Leah Morena Layden

Send us your own Powerful Woman pictures by July 12. The easiest way to do so is to submit directly to our Facebook event.

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