Powerful Woman | Inspiring Submissions

We have had some wonderful submissions for to our current call for entries thus far, all on Facebook. Join the dynamic discussion on our Facebook event and submit directly there.

The featured image is a photograph by Klara Du Plessis which uses colour in a powerful way:
“Mythologically Eve bites into the fruit as the advent of sin. Here everything is bleak in comparison to the woman, glowing red and strong centre-stage, enjoying an afternoon snack.”

Casandra Lee sent us a photo of herself doing some outdoor painting: “slather, splatter, schlop your soul onto earth.”

Submission | Casandra Lee

Anna Penelope writes about her submission: “This is my contribution… of how women can be powerful: by growing their own food and cooking it, and not being beholden to the corporations who favour profit over health and well being.”

Submission | Anna Penelope

A curated selection of images is coming soon to our community gallery on tumblr. In the meanwhile, you can submit on Facebook, right here on WordPress, or using the tumblr submission form.

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