Photo Tutorials

Dear All, Now that you’re preparing for our Call for Entries | Powerful Woman, we thought we’d share some photography advice. So we went online and collected various useful tutorials that may be helpful!

Street photography is exciting, but one needs to prepare in order to capture great moments. You may find it helpful to plan out a route and figure out how to act in order to take photos int the most natural and effective manner possible. Digital Camera World has a post about that.

If you’re looking to get a little more technical, David Peterson has a post about photo composition that introduces basic principles like the rule of thirds and the golden ratio in an easily accessible manner.

Mobile photo editing is a good option when doing street photography. For all of you using an iPhone, this mobile photography tutorial by Paul Moore may be of use. This one’s got some great notes on ordered workflow, how to use filters most effectively, and suggestions of good apps.

Good luck, and happy photographing!

Featured image: Kajsa Philippa, by Daniel Knaack. Kajsa writes: “Wish that tractor was actually still driveable!”

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