carry [you carrying me]

While our call for powerful women is still in progress and the first contributions are coming in, we would like to introduce you to art by women.

I love the artwork carry [you carrying me] by Swiss artist Christine Hasler. It raises questions about gender roles in a poetic, but powerful way.

Watch here the trailer:

Christine comments on her work on her YouTube channel:

Don’t we all carry certain gender rolls and patterns within us?

What would we have to do to free ourselves from them?

In this video a woman carries a man through a forest. The woman struggles with his weight and with the time and the limited space that is given to her.

How do we carry each other?

Who is carrying whom?

Next to the video on screen, a live performance is happening.

The performer reacts with her breathing, with gestures and sounds to the video. She steers, she interferes, she comments, and accompanies the video acoustically.

Watch here the performance of the whole piece carry [you carrying me] by Christine Hasler.

Video 1: trailer of carry [you carrying me] by Christine Hasler.
at hkb, music and media art
performed by christine hasler, beni bucher

Video 2: full performance of carry [you carrying me] by Christine Hasler, filmed @ Progr Performance Plattform, Bern, curated by Gisela Hochuli, Maribel Jakober, Norbert Klassen

Featured image: screenshot of the trailer carry [you carrying me]

Christine Hasler (*1987, Jegenstorf / CH, lives and works in Bern / CH).

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