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Since I have been working with graffiti myself for the art work “They speak in layered….” to which I introduced you a while ago, I would like to feature amyjasek’s blog post on Her Facebook motto: “See into life, don’t just look at it”.

Featured image: automatically created by wordpress from amyjasek’s blog post.

52 rolls

Over the course of a week I had some interesting times with my Olympus Pen F.  I finally got myself out to use it for real – having only done a test roll before that – and had so much fun.  I went to one of my favorite places, a kind of outdoor urban art gallery made from the remains of some building project that never happened.  It’s covered in beautiful graffiti, and I’m not certain what the rules are but it’s heavily used, heavily visited, and just about the entire surface changes on a weekly basis, so it’s always new!  I didn’t use up the whole roll there, so I made a lot of fun pictures of my family, too.

When I processed the roll, to my shock and horror there were only about 12 images.  I was expecting 48.  You know that terrible empty feeling when you lose…

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