Interview with Saleh Rozati

I recently spoke to Saleh Rozati, a winner in the World Photography Organisation’s annual open contest. Saleh comes originally from Iran and now lives in Vienna, Austria. His winning entry, Don Bohlul of Esfahan, is a self-portrait depicting a Quixotic character.

1. What’s your background as a photographer?

Actually, I began photography autodidactically, as a hobby in November 2006, in the side of my musical life. Later this hobby morphed into an important part of life. I would say that I try be to an artist in many different aspects of my life and work across different media, but my photographer identity looks to the other forms of expression while these look to photography. My different forms of expression always informed and completed each other.

2. What is it like to win a competition like this? Does it change in any way how you approach the creative process?

In the first moments it’s being happy and proud but of course you think now, what’s next? Of course it helps you to become more creative. Somehow it’s a confirmation for you that you are on the right path, to keep going forward and believing in your own ideas but with open eyes and mind.

3. Was your winning entry an accurate representation of your creative identity?
Yes, actually, a part of my personal identity is contained within this fantasy story which I wrote about the photoseries from which this photo comes. It tells indirectly of my immigration experiences, but in the framework of a sort of narrative tale.
You can follow Saleh on Facebook. You can also view the entire Don Bohlul series here.
Featured image: Don Bohlul from Esfahan, © Saleh Rozati. Used with permission of the artist.

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