“They speak in layered…”

“They speak in layered…” for electric violin, synthesizer-soundtrack and video (2015) by Barbara Lüneburg (video, music and violin).

“They speak in layered..” belongs to the series “Slices of life” that features different identities and ways of life all over the world. This slice of life has been inspired by our call for entries “What gets your creativity going?”.

My special thanks go to Monique Besten and Ineta Svärd. Ineta Svärd’s very special video on the islands Fårö gave me the idea to look for environments that represent a certain way of life.

Shortly afterwards, I started walking Monique’s age in Vienna: While doing that I found the wall with graffiti by Dino (?) which you see in the video. To me it truly expresses global culture and city life: street art by and for people, freedom of expression (and the ever existing aggressions of those that feel urged to comment). I filmed the wall with an action cam and edited the material to my composition “soundwaves”.

I will premiere “They speak in layered…” on 8th of May 2015, 10 pm at MM Centre, inside the Student Centre complex, Savska 25, Zagreb. Hope to see some of you there.


About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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  1. Ineta Svärd

    Thank you very much, Barbara! It was so nice to hear from you. I could never guess you could give attention to my little sample. I hear connection between our pieces: dimmed feelings and silence. All the best! Ineta

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