Call for Entries | What Gets Your Creativity Going?

We’re having a new call for entries starting this weekend. Very simple, but we’ll get to the bottom of what art means to us.

Our questions to inspire you:

What gets your creativity going?

What motivates you to make art?

In which situation do you feel a creative flow?

Take a picture, write a sentence, write a short musical composition or just arrange some sounds.

Some ideas:

  • Take a picture of your favourite place, musical instrument, art implement, or piece of dance attire, something that inspires you to get going and be creative. Upload it to our Tumblr community site.
  • Give us a more abstract, audio answer. Use your own sounds or download some open sounds from our SoundCloud, rework them, and submit them to our SoundCloud Group. Motto: This is me as an artist.
  • Write one to three sentences telling us what motivates you to write, perform, act, dance, compose, take pictures, paint, draw or film.

Have a look at Barbara’s latest blog post “Thoughts on Silence and Being an Artist” for inspiration.

Image: inspiration for your own submissions. © Clio Montrey.

There are 4 comments

  1. beat

    what gets your creativity going?


    ….i, when i read this question the first time; a blank sheet of paper i need(!), was my first thought. once i got one, i wrote down word and words and me brain carried me back and farther back to the begining…
    aber. that was and is not the question!
    when you sneeze, your bodyliquid spreads around you in a distance of two meters…..
    this, is much closer to the andswer.
    but, not yet to the point.
    the black white filled pages after pages with blankness

    outside, tonight. for a smoke, looking at the skybright starfill,
    the questionmark transfigured into a straight dot

    the quintessence is _

  2. Laura Feathers

    What gets my creativity going?

    I love to make connections, unexpected combinations spark my creative flow.
    Images & sound, collage, all mediums, anything goes. The best situation is when a connection happens spontaneously, a subtle transition in music, film, or unusual mixtures of mediums.
    The creative work of other people always opens up my creative flow, I love to discover new work!
    Cheers, Laura

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