03_Responses to Our Call “What Gets Your Creativity Going?”

The artist Monique Besten was the first to respond to our call “What gets your Creativity going?”.

Her answer was simple “This is!”.

The call itself inspired her.

Funnily enough, a few month ago Monique got my creativity going with her blog post exercise in being here -711 steps. Having read her post, I spontaneously decided to walk the 711 steps. It didn’t take me far. Just across the square I am living at, right into the shopping mall that is the commercial heart of the neighborhood. I took this photo which to me had some symbolic value. (Or perhaps I just liked the blue color).Barbara Lüneburg, action When I told Monique about my 711-steps-walk on Facebook, she immediately responded with another project:

I love the “AKTION!”. […] What is also nice (but takes more time) is to walk the exact number of days you are old on a specific day, I did that for a while and then photographed where I ended up. Mmmmm, how about doing a small project where I walk the number of days you are old and you walk the number of days I am old on the same day and see where we end up? And what that might tell us about the other? It takes a few hours though…. (Monique Besten on my Facebook page, 14-3-2015)

I’ve started walking Monique’s age and I am discovering Vienna on the way. It is exciting.
Some of the motives I found I might set in music later.

In case you want to do the same with a friend and/or creative partner, you will find a date duration calculator at this link. If you walk one or both of Monique’s beautiful “exercises in being here”, let us know about it and share your experience in a comment, pingback a blogpost from your own blog or submit a photo to our community tumblr site.

Happy creative walking!

The featured image is from my wandering Monique’s age in Vienna: A graffiti at the underground station “Rennweg”.

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My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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