02_Responses to Our Call “What Gets Your Creativity Going?”

SoundCloud responses to our latest call for action. Join our SoundCloudGroup. Have fun and use our sounds for remixes and combinations with your own songs.

Processed Bach 02 by Beat Spichtig (aka mx.beat)

wouldn’t call it a rmx for i have not swapd genre. i recorded my washingmashine and its leaking waterdrops with my iphone while playing PB02 in the background. then i xported to dropbox and imported via audio share to the multitrack daw and got the original track in there too. i made shure that my rec had a timeshift to the original and after programming the z3ta+ , i but a lill intro to it. did not want it all over for the beauty of the original and the contrast with the w’mashine and the w’drops was enough. enjoy being. (mx.beat)


All Tomorrow’s Parties by Magic Sun


And one more contribution in response to the motto: “This is me as an artist”. Der letzte Marsch composed, performed and produced by Qing Picasso. https://youtu.be/CM1uwHEzthQ We also feature these songs (and many more contributions from the what if?-community) on our tumblr–community gallery. Have a look and have a listen.

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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  1. Ineta Svärd

    Hi, Barbara! I got some empty days on my own and I wondered: what should I do with my time? It must be something creative, nice and soundly, I knew. Inspiration comes from nature, I often try to create similar sounds like them in air or on water. If you live on a pretty wild island, it is easy for you to work in this way. Look, today I found your homepage and I would like to share my last video and another link to my music with you and others.

  2. Ineta Svärd

    Thank you, Barbara! I live in Sweden, on Gotland, but this island you see on the video is another small island called Fårö which actually means “far away”. This place is very special and distinctive indeed. Composers who choose to come to our International Composer Center in Visby, have opportunity to visit Fårö, too. Look on VICC website http://vicc.se if you find it interesting! Ineta

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