Lia – coder(ess) and visual artist

Why a blog post on the visual artist LIA?

On what if we reflect on notions of identity and think about how identity is expressed in one’s personal life, profession, vision, actions, and art. Questions we ask are

What if we would live our lives regardless of who people expect us to to be?
What if our gender wasn’t our limit?
What if we took the freedom to be who we want to be?

This is who LIA is.

An internet pioneer.

A coder(ess), (one of the few women I know in the arts).

A creator of beautiful visuals.

And a role model and inspiration for women (and men?) in the coding (art) world.

Enjoy her video and share, if you like what you see.

Credits: AV Live Performance “@c + LIA” + João Pais Filipe (Porto, Portugal)
Live Audio Visual performance at the Teatro Municipal Rivoli in the scope of Fórum do Futuro.
sound: @c (electronics, + João Pais Filipe (percussion)
visuals: LIA (
Porto, Portugal, 2014/11/29

Find more about Lia in our blog post on her filament structures.

Thank you, LIA, for the inspiration.

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My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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