Thoughts on Art and Life by Anahit Mughnetsyan

…As a black musical note on white paper includes musical colors in it, a black image of real life lies on white paper…What if the notes on the score were colorful, like nature’s colors? … thus, art is a colorful reference of our life…

In order to remember music and pass it onto future generations, we need to write it on paper. Photographers capture various scenes of life through shots, which are often done in black and white.

Rui Coelho, photographer, alley of treesWhat’s the reason for that? What if the shots were done in color instead?

There are still debates concerning color issues; for scientists black is not a color but rather a lack of it.  For children and visual artists black is considered a color, and white is not…

Every photo, every shot, is a form of non-verbal communication, especially shots that are made in black and white; these can be associated with power, fear, mystery, sophistication, purity, virginity, light, protection.

The reason of my thinking in black and white has its roots in the black and white photographs of Portuguese photographer Rui Coelho.

While looking at them I always see something uRui Coelho, Bridge of hopenique, taken from reality, recognize all the colors of Earth’s beauty in such works as  “life philosophy”, “bridge of hope”, “waves of ocean”…

In his photographs sometimes I even hear music and the voice of Earth (maybe because he himself is a musician.)

The magic of photographs lies in their creativity. In a static shot you discover action and the distance between you and the subject disappears. The photograph takes you to the moment in the past when the photo was taken and at the same time it allows you to imagine the present…

Rui Coelho, photographerWhat if we had wings to fly to the future right alongside Time? What if we celebrated every day as a happy, colorful, creative, thankful day, not only holidays, but each day? What if every day we let  ourselves experience a new beginning of our colorful wishes, aims, dreams…

Because each of us is a creator.

So let’s create our days by coloring them with amazing, beautiful colors…

Anahit Mughnetsyan

All images copyright and courtesy of Rui Coelho.

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