Call for Entries | Inspiration

Some of our first submissions have arrived in response to our call for entries. Thank you! We would like to share a few of them with you in order to help you get inspired, along with some ideas of our own.

Singing shall be
My only and greatest love
And make my living

Ernst Spitaler, Austria

If I could only share what my mind’s eye sees through a camera lens ...
Sharlea Taft

Quisiera pedir menos egoismo y menos individualismo para la gente de nuestra generacion. Solo eso ya traeria una cadena de cambios suficientes para cambiar el mundo.
I would wish for less egotism and less individualism among the people of our generation. Only this would bring about a chain of changes sufficient to change the world
Anonymous, Colombia

I wish my melancholic mouth would shut and set with some fiery choleric ambition.
Olivia Brownlee, USA

I wish time could be a pulse
a fragmented timescale
a soul traveling impulse
between imagination and reality

I wish time did not dim
memories and silhouettes
plastering wrinkles
where emotions are untold

I wish life
I wish to live

Sandra Allain, Colombia/USA

Our team’s thoughts:

For Barbara who longs to be a coderess and never finds the time to make her wish come true, it is this:
Ich wünschte, es gäbe eine Abkürzung, um Programmieren zu lernen, (und ich hätte sie schon genommen…)
I wish there was a quick way to learn coding (and I would have taken it already…)

Clio’s wish is pretty simple:
I wish for me to be

We are looking forward to hear more from you!

Featured image: ©unkown author, translation: I wish I could have a llama. I’d keep it with me and it would spit at all the people I don’t like.

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