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As Barbara wrote before, we would like you to participate in the what if? creative project. As our call for entries is related to creative work we are doing on the theme of dreams, we have decided to begin this call for entries with a short, open-ended fairytale that you will help us complete.

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Contemporary fairy

Once upon a time, there lived a artistically inclined polyglot fairy (though she herself disliked that loaded and complex string of labels, because she felt that labels limit how one can express one’s identity). She went around the world looking for ways to facilitate artistic collaboration.

What if you were to meet this fairy on your way to the office or to your studio, and she told you she could grant you one wish and make one of your dreams come true? This dream could be anything: personal, professional, artistic, or a wish for society at large.

What if you were to see your wish become a part of our creative project, projected as part of our multimedia performance on September 26 at F.I.T. for Future – European Researchers’ Night 2014 at the FH St.Pölten?

We would like to gather entries in the following form:

  • One short text, no longer than one sentence. This text can be in any format you desire: a coherent, grammatical sentence, a haiku-length poetic-type written statement, a string of words that can be understood, a graphic poem made with simple word processing means such as use of spaces, special characters, capitalisation, etc.
  • This sentence should tell the audience what your dream (vision) is. It can be personal, professional, creative, or a view for society at large. Your “wish for the fairy,” if you will.
  • Please, leave your submission in the form of a comment on this blog post. If you prefer, you can also submit your sentence to Barbara Lüneburg at If you would like to be properly credited, reveal us the name under which you would like to be credited and where in the world you are based.
  • You may submit your sentence in any of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Dutch, Croatian, visual communication (text art).
  • We will select and use as many of the submissions as possible. Please note that all submission selections are purely at our discretion, though we will try to be as inclusive as we can.We will never share your e-mail address with anyone, nor use it for any mailing lists.

There are 19 comments

  1. barbara_lueneburg

    The first entries are coming in, that is so encouraging. The more the merrier… If it is easier for you, you might also want to share your entries directly as a comment on this blog. Thank you, Barbara

  2. pascaloptional

    In meinem Kopf entstehen Ideen,
    Feen drehen sich,
    in dieser Geschichte dichte ich.

    In Verszeilen eilen
    Meilensteine von Wortwegen
    in Bruchteilen von Vorträgen
    hinfort eben
    und dort drehen sich dann Feen.

    Ich will von Fabelwesen lesen,
    sie auf Fabelwiesen fliegen lassen.
    Massen kleiner, engelsgleicher Wortfetzen,
    in Absätzen

    PS – i really like your blog 🙂 hope this fits


    Dear fairy,
    I wish that everyone has an individual playground – a surrounding and life with wonderful encouraging, inspiring, supportive people. I wish that all of us find our own individual way of living a life full of ease, play, wonder, joy and trust that we are at the right time at the right place.
    I want a new playground, where others can play with me and see life full of wonder and ease as well.
    Thank you.

  4. Laura Feathers

    Dear Fairy,
    I wish for a stronger commitment to music education in my country and around the world.
    This project is wonderful!
    Best wishes, Laura

    1. barbara_lueneburg

      Thanks Laura, for the contribution and the encouragement. I am working on the video with the wishes for the upcoming concert now. I hope I can include your comment, if not we will feature it elsewhere. Thanks so much, Barbara

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