Slices of Life

Dear All,

As you know, what if? is even more than all of us having fun while being creative-, it is also about a multimedia show and other artworks that are developed with contributions from you and inspired by this community. So, let me give some update on the show I am composing.

Right now, I am working on Slices of Life, the multimedia show for violin, electronics and video, with  “Identity” as the overall topic.

With Slices of life I will feature different aspects of life and identity. It starts with the story of The Shirt, a person’s quest for his or her identity. Our protagonist puts on other people’s clothes to take on their identity, because he or she thinks she has no identity of their own.


Next I will introduce you to the man from Cuba. He tells us about his gods. He is a priest -as everybody can be a priest- in his religion Santeria.


Where should I go from here? Momentarily, two ways to continue present themselves to me.

I can continue with cultural beliefs such as  Gloria Guns mentioned once. She sent us “Fan Death” as a contribution to our remix contest saying about her track: “There is a persistent belief among Koreans that it is dangerous to leave a fan on while you sleep, because it might suffocate you. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, and all I can hear is the evil hum of the fan.” A slice of life which still inspires me.


Or I can continue with scoring some of the beautiful #GYHAFYs you have sent us. Both are tempting.

Slices of Life will merge your participatory contributions that we gathered on our social media channels with my approach to art.

You have given us shelfies, Catrinas, sounds, drones, wishes, #GYHAFYs, lego-egos, guest posts, visions. I am listening, I am reading, I look at your pictures and I am hearing your voice. You lead the way from your side as I lead the way from mine. And of course, whoever finds his or her way into the show will be acknowledged.  The show will be yours and mine.

Thank you for your contributions, your energy and encouragement,

I will keep you updated,

yours truly,


featured image: Eleggua (Papa Legba, Eshu) cement head for religious observance (Santeria), Thomas Altfather Good, Creative Commons.

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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