Guest Post: Gloria Guns

Editor’s introduction: in June, we posed five questions to our community. We are glad to welcome Gloria Guns on the What if? blog and read her thoughtful answers.

1. Who are you?
I am a young-ish Korean-Canadian woman currently living in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, which is in the Arctic. I work as a human rights lawyer. I am also a musician in an indie band. I am an occasional freelance journalist. I sometimes sell sushi and kimchi at the local community market. When it isn’t winter for the two months of the year here, I like to spend my time hiking, kayaking, and fishing. I also have this blog, which started off as a travel blog.

2. What are your main topics when you blog/facebook/tweet/youtube/pinterest?
These days, I blog about life in the Arctic. My tweets seem to often be about music, Nunavut, human rights, and insomnia. My Facebook is mostly photos of food I eat.

3. What or who are your passions and influences?
I love being outside in the wilderness. I also love food, but not in a food snob kind of way, because I love everything. Nelson Mandela is a strong personal inspiration for me, in terms of being brave enough to fight for important causes. Douglas Coupland and Godspeed You Black Emperor are responsible for me having a lot of nightmares about the apocalypse.

4. Which artist do you admire most? 
I grew up adoring Radiohead, because they seem to pursue experimentation and musical innovation regardless of what might maximize business profits. Same with Tanya Tagaq, who not only does this musically, but also takes a public stance about things she believes in, even at personal cost.

5. And: Do those topics have anything to do with who you feel you are? 
I’m not sure who I am, exactly. I had a friend once tell me that I’m like a living breathing cartoon character, and I chose to accept that as a compliment.
I’m always interested in artistic collaborations.


Editor’s note: you can find Gloria’s original post here.

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  1. barbara_lueneburg

    Hi Gloria, what a combination of threads in your life. The Arctic, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Nelson Mandela, your own indie band, Radiohead, Tanya Tagaq (isn’t she a throat singer?), wilderness, food and human rights. Thanks for this post.

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