Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On

Call for Entries: Contagious Creativity

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

– Albert Einstein

We’re intrigued by the question of where creativity comes from. We do believe that one creative act or work has a tendency to inspire others. Thus, we’d like you to take part in our next call for entries, which is an experiment to see just how far the seed of our creative call will spread.

We all know the concept of a selfie. But what about a shelfie?

Urban Dictionary defines a shelfie as “A picture or portrait of your bookshelf. Showcasing literature IN ALL ITS GLORY! … Not to be confused with selfie .”

Literature is one way to do it. But as we have seen, creativity comes in many forms.

Submit a shelfie that fits within our broader definition: anything that expresses your creative identity, on a bookshelf:

It can be your favourite books, of course. But it can also be pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, instruments, decorative items, artwork or clothing.

Please use the included images (“seeds”) as inspiration. Be inspired by at least one aspect of the provided pictures, so that there’s a tangible link back to what we provided as the seed.


  • feature something in a colour that can be seen in one of these pictures, e.g. pink, red, blue
  • Take your shelfie in black and white (or monochrome), like one of the seeds
  • Feature a musical instrument or instruments, as we have done

 How to submit:

  • Option 1: E-mail us your submission as an attachment to Barbara Lüneburg at
  • Option 2: use the Tumblr submission feature.
  • No matter how you submit, if you would like to be properly credited, reveal us the name under which you would like to be credited and where in the world you are based.
  • Selected entries will be featured on our What if? Community Gallery on Tumblr.

Creativity is contagious, but it is also evolving. Let’s see how far we can take this call for entries. And remember to have fun! 🙂

Photo credits: Seeds 1-4 © Clio Montrey; seeds 5-7 © Barbara Lüneburg.

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