5 Questions that are important to Us

Who are you?
Are you interested in writing, photographing, filming? are you a digital musician? a coder? a gatherer of thoughts?

What are your main topics when you blog/facebook/tweet/youtube/pinterest?

What or who are your passions and influences?

Which artist do you admire most?

And: Do those topics have anything to do with who you feel you are?

Who wants to know?

The arts team of what if? at their kick off meeting in Vienna-spring 2014

The arts team of what if? at their kick off meeting in Vienna-spring 2014

We are a bunch of artists who have started to work on topics such as who we are, who we could be, who we want to be; how to undo limits of our identity, our gender, aim for more, widen our personality, explore our being.

We will shape these ideas into artworks: a show for violin, electronics, video and light and an audio-visual installation that hopefully travels the world.

Follow this link for more information on us:
Anthony Kelly, Cathy van Eck, Barbara Lüneburg and David Stalling.

Join us.

If we invited you to become part of these artwork on identity, what would be your incentive to participate?

  • Worldwide fame (not very likely, I admit)
  • To surprise us with your unique view on identity and freedom of personality?
  • To let yourself be surprised by the view of others?
  • To be creative within a group of professional artists and other interesting people?
  • To shoot photos/videos and have the chance that they will be part of the show or the installation?
  • To possibly hear your words and thoughts spoken and recorded by us?
  • To see your images or films with our music?
  • To hear your sounds with our images?
  • To get free access to sounds we record for this project?
  • To mess around with your DAW and inspire us?
  • To get a DVD of the final product, if we include your work, and you will be mentioned?
  • To be part of an audio-visual installation which might travel to your hometown?
  • Anything else we haven’t thought of yet???? Let us know.

You can help us shape what the artwork will look and sound like. We will try to inspire you on what-ifblog.net, on our youtube channel, twitter account, facebook page, future soundcloud. We will listen back to you and hope to be inspired by you. If you allow it, we might include your texts, sounds, images in the art work and let people know about it.

Please share your thoughts about the project. Let us get to know you.
You may use the comment section below or maybe even create a little artwork in answer to it on your blog. Pingback your post to us, so we know about it or share the link in a comment below.

In the course of June I will tell you more about our still very young project and the people who have already joint it. I take the chance of being part of the writing 101 challenge of The Daily Post to hopefully reach an audience we don’t know yet.

Happy blogging. Let us hear from you.

Featured image: Neuenschwander’s “I Wish Your Wish” installation, 2003, participatory art

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

There are 11 comments

  1. DoubleEspresso

    my incentive to participate would be to find the answers to all those questions. the reason i started blogging was the fact that i felt lost.
    i found this link from your writing 101 assignment comment … and it has given me a push in the right direction for my entry for the assignment. i will ping back to this post (if i have learned by then 😉

    1. barbara_lueneburg

      Thank you, you have made my day! I am very glad you shared that with me.
      By the way, as far as I’ve understood, a pingback works that way, that you have to include the link to this post in your post. Then I should get an alert. If you don’t hear back from me, let me know via comment, ok? I am looking forward to your post! Thank you.

  2. barbara_lueneburg

    Dear Gloria, thank you for this pingback. It came just in time to make for a nice Christmas present for our blog. I enjoyed reading about you and wanted to let you know that I (we) are happy to see you back again and again. It’s great to get to know you. (By the way, there is still a post of ours in the pipeline that features you as an artist…). Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year.

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