TransCoding–From Highbrow Art to Participatory Culture | Key Research Questions

• How can we establish an online/offline community that picks up on the topic of new media art and cross-over culture and wants to be actively involved in the discourse?

• Will we be able to further crossover between high art and popular art by offering creative and intellectual incentives and on the other hand listening back to and channeling the community’s own creative voice?

• What kind of strategies do we need to apply to further and unlock the creativity of the community for maximum benefit?

• Will this lead to a fruitful interactive exchange between the digital producers, followers and contributors and the researchers/artists that add meaning to both?

• Based on the interactive exchange with the global and local community, and our artistic research, will we be able to create an event that makes contemporary art more permeable and accessible for the audience?

• What is the role of the artist/researcher within this community?

• And last but not least-will the before unavailable audience turn into available audience for and participants in the arts through the participation in the online community?

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