GYHAFY 2016 | Laura Feathers

A guest blog post by Laura Feathers for our GYHAFY challenge.

Featured image: courtesy of Laura Feathers.

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Your chosen gender: male & female

Your country of birth:

Female: France

Male: England
Best friends/unusual pet:

Female: my four co workers at the small architecture firm we own

Male: a bunch of wandering minstrels & troublemakers
What did your parents want you to become?

F: a painter

M: whatever I wanted
What are you really doing now?

F: I’m an architect with a small firm in Nancy, France.

M: I’m a lute player, a wandering bard roaming Ireland, England, Scotland In the 14th century

What is your day job?

M: I’m a gypsy living day to day from music

F:working at the firm
What is your night job?

F:studying ornamental ironworking & going out to parties!

M: playing in bars, haunts, parties, whatever comes that day
Where do you live?

M: In a circus carriage, sometimes with hosts who like our music

F: in a small house in Nancy

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