#WhatIfSoundSamples | Denim Szram

Our final featured community member whose #WhatIfSoundSamples track we chose as a favourite is Denim Szram, an artist unfolding his potential through DJing, sonic experiments and installation art.

“I have many passions, but mainly I deal with sound,” Denim told me.

You can listen to Denim’s contribution to our call here:

I interviewed Denim regarding his work and projects:

What do you do as your main creative direction?
I regularly organize events, which combine experimental music, installation art, performance art and techno. The aim is to combine creative forces and work together with fellow artist friends, and share our art and music with a broad audience. Since I was moving a lot in the last few years I co-founded various artist collectives in different cities: Künstlerkollektiv Ciao Kakao in my time in Darmstadt, Wyroby Technopodobne during my time in Krakow and the most recent one, Poly Collective, in Basel.

I also have a big passion for installation art and was traveling with some of my installations through Poland and Germany. In these works i try to combine new technology with sound and thereby present my artistic intentions in an interesting and new way.

Finally, I work at Idee und Klang in Basel doing sound design and interactive sound solutions for museums, where I try to apply my artistic experience.

2. Tell us about your main project now that you’re working on.
My next planned project is to get deeper into music production again and contribute to the next Wisp label vinyl release. Besides that, I want to finish my master’s degree and thereby organize an exhibition with new sound installations for my final master’s project.

3. What is your compositional process like?
My compositional process normally starts with my experimenting with synthesizer and sound recordings, searching for interesting textures and moods. Once I find something interesting I try to expand this and build a variety of sound in different frequency ranges. From low sub frequencies up to high noisy sound, from long pads to short signals. With these different elements I then try to build a dramaturgy, to keep the listener excited. When it comes to installation art, there are two ways of approaching a project. One side is my artistic intention and the other the technical tools and possibilities. The main difficulty there is to combine this two and create a symbiosis.

One thing I find particularly fascinating about Denim’s work is its utter flexibility: it moves and pulses and changes constantly. As such, we love his contributions to our project.

You can check out some of Denim’s installation works here and here. Follow him on SoundCloud.

Images courtesy of Denim Szram. Photo credit for featured image: Vitali Lukin. Click on the gallery images to see a description for each.

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