Happy New Year

Dear All,

2015 was an exciting year for What if? and we very much hope the next (and final) year of this project will be just as great.

In November, we have moved to the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Austria, which was a huge step for us. Clio and I are very happy to work within an arts environment where we are surrounded by people who are wholeheartedly engaged in making art, teaching art, and researching about art. Up to now it has been immensely inspiring.

These last weeks I have been busy putting up a new, updated research website for this project that reflects some of its creative outcome: transcoding.info. Also, we have a job opening, and in case you are trained in the fields of musicology, music anthropology, media studies or communication studies and are interested in doing research with us, please have a look at this link.

In 2015, the What if?-community was very actively involved, and Clio and I would like to thank you for your engagement. Among others this lead to the creation of the audio-visual installation “Read me” of which I want to present the latest version by composer and musician Ricardo Tovar Mateus. For his personalized version of “Read me” he chose texts and image and composed the music. I love how the different layers of music blend into each other and how they correspond with the texts. Thank you, Ricardo.

Moreover, we ran five “Calls for Entries” on this blog alone and had a lot of interaction with our community via Facebook and twitter. This brings me to our latest call which we haven’t covered yet, since we were wading through an enormous amount of office work between Christmas and now. But very soon you will hear more. We are very proud to have had 27 entries on our soundcloud.


Thank you for joining us, talking to us and contributing,

I wish you all the best for 2016,



Featured image: ©Gloria Guns in response to one of our earlier calls What gets your Creativity going.

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research. http://www.barbara-lueneburg.com

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