Call for Entries: Holiday Gifts | #WhatIfSoundSamples

Dear All,

Head on over to our SoundCloud, because we’ve left something under the holiday tree for you.

Students from Barbara’s “Undoing Gender” course at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz have been hard at work coming up with ideas that represent gender dynamics and images. The result of one of these thought exercises is Screams and Growls, in male and female editions.

Now we’d like you to ask you for a small holiday gift for our community, as well. Submit a sound sample under a Creative Commons license so that any members of the community maybe use and remix them. Submit directly on our SoundCloud group:

Deadline: December 29.

We’ll put all your submissions in a playlist, and then we’ll pick our favourite three sounds to create a special “late-under-the-tree” blog post. But most importantly, we can all remix each other’s contributions for holiday/New Year’s remixes and get some What if? community spirit going. We would love that.

There’s an example track from our SoundCloud under each heading for you to get some inspiration.

Human sounds (screams, vocalizations, singing, speaking, whispering)


Nature sounds (wind, the crunch of gravel, crickets, cicadas)


Instrumental sounds (classical strings, guitar family sounds, accordion or other street instruments; woodwinds such as flute or clarinet; folk instruments like ocarina or pan pipes; bells)


Electronic sounds (computer-generated synthesizer sounds or pocket synths, sounds from your phone or gaming device, sounds from around the house like your alarm clock or laundry chime)


Rhythmic samples (created in any manner you choose, but with rhythm as the driving force)


Open category
You don’t know what category above to choose? Submit it under “open”

And once again, here’s the link to submit to our call for entries:

Thank you very much, and happy festivities,


what if? team.

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