Identity: What Does it Mean to You?

Some time ago I posed a question to our community on social media: what does identity mean to you? Does it have personal, cultural, or creative implications? Perhaps all those, and others besides?

I got some very interesting answers, and we’re leaving the question open-ended. If you’d like to contribute and tell us what identity means to you personally or to your community, you can comment, tweet, send us a Facebook message, or e-mail me at clioDOTmontreyATfhstpDOTacDOTat.

One of my favourites was this video, submitted by singer-songwriter Gloria Guns from Canada: “I wrote a song (as Scary Bear Soundtrack) about my identity as a Canadian of Asian descent, and how people treat me based on their perceptions of my identity.”

I asked my colleague Barbara what she thought, and she responded: “Insatiable curiosity, art, and passion.

More contributions:

“Identity is, essentially, repetition and memory. But even without memory, there still needs to be repetition. Say it with me.”

Victor Baez, composer/pianist (Mexico/USA)

I am 1. What I Make and 2. How I Love.”

Sally Whitwell, composer/pianist (Australia)

“Identity is who I believe myself to be, and sometimes, who I strive to be.

Steph Linsdell, composer/singer-songwriter (Australia)


Karlheinz Essl, composer/performer


Lukas Bachwell, identity, create,

On December 2, The University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (our home institution) held an info day. We were there to interact and gather contributions from visitors to the event. Have a look on our Tumblr community gallery more contributions from this event, as well as from previous calls.

What’s your take on identity?

Gloria and Keyboard

Featured image: a still from Gloria’s video. Paper dolls for the video were made by Esther Song-Ledlow.

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  1. knitnkwilt

    Today’s thinking on the subject–it changes frequently. Today I am mostly aware of contradictions. At 76 I have to say I am an old woman. However,I don’t plan as if I had only ~20 years left to do projects in. I love to be told I don’t look/act my age (it happens less frequently now), even as I resist loving it as I resist the Ageism involved.
    Old is a fact. Energy, health, plans, etc. are not essentially linked to youth. I tell myself that every time I feel the thrill of being told I seem younger.

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