Making of: Vienna Weekend Thoughts 3 – Shelfies, Selfies and the Arts

Dear All,

as promised, here my third post in the mini series Vienna Weekend Thoughts. I would like to give you an update on the arts work we consider with the shelfies (and possibly future selfies) you contribute.

This is an idea:

What about a sequence of all the shelfies/future selfies flowing in the middle of a video accompanied by uplifting music with beats? A string of images that portrays the colourful options of living our identity. Some of the s(h)elfies could grow out of the band, enlarge and take over the screen to set a mood.


Imaging your shelfies/selfies could move, morph and attach themselves to the performer on stage. They could attempt to usurp the whole situation on stage. I would love that. Have a look at the artwork by Siddharth Mankad. In terms of visuals I find it very inspiring:

Since I am obsessed with learning to code, I could imagine a kind of interactive video art. Courageous for somebody who has just started to learn programming? Sure, but why not aim for the stars.

It is still early to know exactly what will happen to the shelfie/selfie submissions in the final art work. For now they are exhibited on our community gallery as an inspiration for everybody. Maybe you have your own shelfie-idea you want to realise. Let us know about it.

Up to now, your contributions have been featured, shared, liked and commented on Tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, in a live-concert and by word of mouth.

Thanks for sharing!

Featured image: Shelfie with cat usurping music © Xabier Marinho
Information about the video above provided by the creator Siddharth Mankad:
“An Interactive wall that generates graphics based on motion. The tracking is done using a Wide Angle webcam. The code is written in Processing 1.0 using the flob and geomerative libraries. Design Project by Siddharth Mankad, Aashka Shah and Sunil Vallu. Special Thanks to Eric Natze for porting the Ribbons to Processing.”

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My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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