Making of: Dublin Day 4

Dear all,

the last of my posts from Dublin.

We succeeded in putting together a video which shows excerpts of the performance “What if we had wings?” from 26.9.2014 in Vienna. We worked on a shortened version, a kind of teaser, while featuring contributions in English, German and Spanish language by Sabina Ulubeanu, Anahit Mughnetsyan, Sharlea Taft, Ernst Spitaler, Laura Feathers, Edda Pascher, Olivia Brownlee, Sandra Allain and Anonymous.

I took the flight footage with an ordinary personal camera and a smartphone while sitting in an A380. This aircraft has cameras onboard that film the take off and the actual flight from different angles. The images of the camera are then projected to the screen in front of the passengers. I filmed them off the screen.

I am glad we could use this weekend to make the documentation for you.

I hope you’ll like it,


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My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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