Discovering Myself from A-Z in the Blog World

I have underestimated the amount of work this blog would cause.

I am learning the craft and feel challenged by the task we, the arts team Cathy, David, Anthony and I, have set us. I am curious where it will lead us to.

I am completely dependent on the numbers from my stats and surprisingly effected by them. I hadn’t expected that.

I often have fun blogging, but also notions of fuck it.

My English is not good enough to write confidently and quickly, but I keep doing it.

Happiness easily alternates with frustration, and contentedness with feelings of unsettledness.

Blogging is intense. Joyous. Katabatic. (Ok, I have used this word only, because I have never seen it before and I loved the sound of it. Katabatos (Greek) descending. “Where to?” I ask myself).

That constant longing for a better mastery of the English language (which will probably stay with me as long as I blog here.) Would be easier in my native tongue. I am a word lover.

I was moody today, I felt like I would abandon this blog forever. Montaigne saved me.

“Was I naive to start this project?”, I ask myself every second day.

Ok. I feel immense pleasure and pride, when people actively participate:
Thank you Anahit Mughnetsyan for the first guestblog. Thank you Steffen Jurkat, Jan Longerich, Christian Schwind, Maro Ivanova, Marco Pietroluongo, Aleksandar Vejnovic, Moritz Klug, Jorne Marc Siebrand for scoring the videos on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Sylvia Hinz, for letting us know about your wind identity, and John Strider for sharing the video about the metal ladies. And thank you to my co-bloggers who join the conversation. It is important to me.

The ridiculous uncertainty (and satisfaction) each time I post a blog entry.

Trying my best and always wondering…thank you for each single comment and the support that comes with it.

Ups and downs. More ups luckily.

Veracious. Another nice and new word for me. Rhymes to audacious. That’s what it feels sometimes when I try to be honest and open in my posts.

Composing this list is a weird way of talking about my new blogger identity.

Almost forgot X. I don’t even know a word I could use for that letter. I’ll skip it.

Our YouTube channel makes me happy. Very happy. Have a look.

Zigzag of feelings, since I’ve started this.


Featured image: Letter on clay tablet, Early Colony Period, around 1850 BC, © Trustees of the British Museum

About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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