Follow up on Coder/Coderess

Follow up on Coder/Coderess

Hi everybody, I found this really nice analogy between coding and climbing on spanulate’s blog.
Thank you, spanulate, whoever you are.

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My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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  1. barbara_lueneburg

    And another follow up: I am still enthusiastically coding, yes. And searching the internet for links to coding that might help especially girls to develop an affinity for coding.

    This is an institution, I would like to introduce you to: techbridge-
    Techbridge launched in 2000 as a program to expand the academic and career options for girls in science, technology, and engineering. Click here for #techbridgegirls’ #rolemodel program.:

    And another brilliant coderess: Ji Youn Kang from Korea, living in the Netherlands. I got to know her when we worked with the #wave_field_synthesis_system at the Biennale Venice, autumn 2013. Check out her website:

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