“Armenia-Homeland” by Anahit Mughnetsyan

I am a creator and that is my identity!

The place where I live, Armenia, is “holy” or “Noah’s”, “stone crosses”, “paradise”…..land – they say.

Holy? Land?…

What if the place we live in is really holy, unique, special…?

Why I love living in Armenia. Really don’t know. No one knows why he’s born, rises, lives, loves in the place which we call homeland…


Home land or land home…

The land is my home, yes maybe this is the key to the answers above. Each of us traveled a lot or just a little, it doesn’t matter, anyway each of us can find the place where he or she can stay and feel like home+land… but when you travel Armenia you really understand the meaning of your identity, roots…

Identity? Roots? Again questions.

Yes and it’s a pleasure to find your roots, and gain answers by walking on the holy+home+land…

sometimes you find, sometimes you lose, but always you feel something special, unique for you in the air, from sunshine, from sand, from rain, from lightning, from everything. And what an interesting fact: I felt the same in Russia, Georgia, Iran…

So, then, what’s my real home+land? Maybe it is the duration that makes a place my home+land? Because while you live in a place –for a short or for a longer time– in some places you grow, you learn, take and give at the same time; by the way, even from Mother-land+home+holy…  in that way: you with your circle of creations. usually you are just a jest in other places, except in your born+land=homeland, where your feelings grow from piano to forte, from soft to strong…

I love my Home+Land=World

What if the World is my home+land?

I appreciate Armenia where I take much and maybe give less, create a music, which is the voice of the land and that voice is unique, special, kind…. and maybe this is our identity to listen and reproduce it clearly and give back to the Mother-land for upcoming generations? Any identity is different and depends on the place you are at that time, and how deep your roots are…every time when you go for discovery and revelation, you take your roots with you, cause you’re not a tree;

by the way … as with each country, Armenia isn’t an exception with its problems. As a newly reformed country (with over 2700 years of history and cultural heritage), its government does not pay much attention for today’s art, culture, especially for music, but we’ve to remember that each of us has his or her own place and circle within. As I said above, I create music and I am not a composer, I am a creator and that is my identity!

Anyway, you know that: there is always a way to return home+land and the old door which waits for your to knock, which keys are always with you…

And finally I want to thank to my friend Barbara for being the reason again to think about my identity as a human being…

Here you will find some of my music from a live performance:

Curch Ohanavan, VCC, ” Voxormya” (Pomiluy, Miserere) music by Anahit Mughnetsyan Ванадзорский камерный хор, худ. рук и дирижер Р.Мхитарян.

And click here for a video on my homeland Armenia:

Welcome to Artsakh, ancient Armenian Land.Original Title “Karabakh a Hidden Treasure”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rs8Z_h6EYs

Nature of Armenia close to Spitak

Nature of Armenia close to Spitak

Nature of Armenia

Nature of Armenia

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  1. Swati Chakraborty

    Beautifully written! I’m proud about my beautiful friend,her love for her home land,and she is the girl of the world!

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