You, Us and the Project

What is What if? about and why do we want you to be involved?

We are artists and we love it. Practicing art makes us curious, passionate, and aware of the world around us. Being creative lets us feel intensely and beautifully alive.

With this project, we want to share this feeling and communicate with you.

Out topics are identity and freedom of choice. Together with you, we would like to explore what these words might mean to each of us.

What if? works on three levels

First of all, the artists Cathy Van Eck, Anthony Kelly, Barbara Lüneburg and David Stalling are creating a multimedia show about “identity” and “freedom of choice” (deadline August 2015). Secondly, as part of the overall project we try to encourage a participatory culture amongst people all over the world: please, send us photos, links to videos, music, texts, in all forms or genres that deal with our topic. Finally, in autumn 2015 we will start to develop an audiovisual installation which will combine your creative input with what we will have created up to then. So, this is it:

  • the participatory culture that is mainly you (with some incentives of us)
  • the multimedia show for violin, music and visuals that is us and maybe you, if you inspire us and talk to us
  • the audiovisual installation will hopefully be yours and ours in an artwork that combines both our creative ideas.

It’s been an adventure so far. Join us if you like.
How can you participate?

On this blog, we will try to give you ideas and incentives to become creative by posting what is at the front of our minds in Spontaneous Sparks. Here you will soon find our questions, what we just think about, our inspiration and ideas for you to participate in your very own way. To give you a first example have a look at our post: and keep in touch for more.

We want you to know how we are working, since we want to take you along on our journey. Therefore we will give you insight in our creative work and share musical, visual or text based sketches. These posts you will find in You, Us, and the Project. If you like, you may use the sketches we provide as material to play around and turn them into your own art. To make that easier, we will soon open a soundcloud page and open a youtube channel to share with you. Whatever you do creatively have fun and share.

What else?

We also would like to show you art that is already out there and that fascinates us. You will find it under the categories Identity, Freedom of Choice and of course in Art we love. Not all of the art we feature might be on 100% related to our topic, because sometimes we get carried away by what we admire and just want to share it with you. Enjoy.

We wish to build a community, we are interested in your voice, let’s exchange.

  • Inspire us with your take on identity
  • Let us know your personal thoughts on freedom of choice,
  • Tell us your personal stories, past, present or future, and what has made you the person you are

Express yourselves in images, music, recordings of your everyday life, videos made with your smartphone, texts, poems, rap songs, photos, snapshots of your thoughts.

Please, comment, like, contribute, share this on your social networks and keep in touch.
We are looking forward to hear from you.

Meet the Artists at their Kick-Off Meeting in Vienna:

from left to right: Anthony Kelly, Cathy van Eck, Barbara Lüneburg, David Stalling

Anthony Kelly, Cathy van Eck, Barbara Lüneburg, David Stalling



About barbara_lueneburg

My personal characteristics: curiosity and passion for the arts. My professions: (electric) violin | sound art | research.

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